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Spiritual Direction

What is a spiritual director?

A spiritual director is trained in this ancient Christian practice to be:

  • An ally on the spiritual journey

  • A loving listener

  • A safe, non-judgmental friend


What does a spiritual director do?

  • Welcomes you into God’s presence

  • Listens to the ongoing conversation between you and God

  • Provides a time and space for slowing down, for quietness, for reflection


What is the goal of spiritual direction?

  • Spiritual formation and growth

  • Becoming aware of God’s hand, presence, and loving voice in one’s everyday life

  • Authenticity, trust and intimacy in one’s relationship with God

  • Recognizing and moving away from one’s false self, and towards one’s true self

  • Clarity and surrender


How does this work?

  • Sessions are usually once a month for one hour and cost $75 per session.

  • Most sessions are virtual, using Zoom.  If you live in the Houston, Texas area, and you prefer to meet in person, please contact me via the link below.


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