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Collaging is an enjoyable and creative practice which has the potential to uncover and release deep wells of love, wisdom, passion and purpose.​ As a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, I use the process of SoulCollage® as described in Seena B. Frost’s book and CDs about SoulCollage®. 

SoulCollage® involves two steps:  creating the collage, then giving the collage a voice and letting it speak back to us.  I have had a monthly SoulCollage® group in my home since 2020.  That means I have some friends who are just as hooked as I am!  Here are some reasons we are such fans:

  • This creative form of self-expression is fun, easy, relaxing and satisfying.

  • Tapping into the world of symbols and images, we often make surprising discoveries about ourselves.

  • Using our intuition and imagination, we give the collages voices to speak into our lives.

  • Allowing immature, suppressed or wounded parts of ourselves to speak produces healing, acceptance and integration.

  • Creating images of positive or aspirational parts of ourselves strengthens them to come forward and take a central role in our lives.

  • Though collaging can be satisfying to practice alone, doing it as a group has the added benefits of allowing us to learn from and be inspired by each other, as well as of forming bonds of deep connection.


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