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to a space for creativity, healing, and self-discovery,
all in the service of your spiritual journey


Holding Hands

Individual sessions for deep listening and spiritual presence, including IFS (Internal Family Systems) 

Colorful Paints and Paintbrushes

Art for self-discovery and inner healing, including SoulCollage®  groups, other easily accessible media

Celtic Cross

Spiritual formation instruction and leading practices, groups for support and deep community, retreats and workshops


Parts Set Free

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In Sept - Nov, 2024, I will be offering both of these in combination! 


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About Celeste Boudreaux

Welcome to Luminous Heart

Spiritual director is my core vocation, both as a generalist and as a specialist in IFS (Internal Family Systems). I am also a trained SoulCollage®  facilitator, and use expressive creativity for healing and self-discovery for groups and individuals.  

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