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Yahweh, Breath of Life

Tell me your name, murmured Moses

Yahweh, came the answer


So you taught us your name

an inhale: Yahhh

exhale: Wehhh

O God who blew the breath of life

into these mud nostrils

O Jesus who breathed the Holy Spirit

on your twelve

Sweet Spirit who comes

as a mighty rushing wind

bestow on us the grace of life: Yahhh

We breathe out thanks: Wehhh

Every inhale a gift

Every exhale a prayer

Yahhh, Wehhh

We begin and end with you

From the first sharp intake

before a newborn's wail

to the last deathbed rattle

as we end our years with a sigh

we breathe the name of God: Yahhh

and bless the name of God: Wehhh

Nor do we get to keep this breath

this holy wind all to ourselves

but we share it, each with our neighbors

for good and for ill

we're all in this together

Let us be ever conscious of our breath

as of our touch: with love and care

passing a greeting with a nod

a word, a blessing of the heart

trusting ourselves, our neighbors

this precious world to the Giver of life

Yahweh, the Giver of breath

by Celeste Boudreaux, April 16, 2020

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