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The Mother Tree

I came to the forest pondering

the source of insight and generosity

how to be loving and life-giving

in a season of culminations

and letting go

As I wandered through the wet woods an old mother tree caught my eye

and beckoned me to approach

She was still tall and breathing

her branches proud and solid

root legs reaching deep into the earth

but most beautiful were her ample hips

where they rested upon the ground

They were clothed in thick carpets

of brightest green moss

with lichen and mushrooms as well

soft and comforting as a granny's lap

Two ancient woody arms

encircled her great heart

which once had been hidden deep

within her own strong trunk

beating silent, steady and contained

for many generations

But now her heartwood opened

in unguarded liberality

to welcome creatures from mice

to beetles to the microscopic

who needed a sheltering cradle

bountiful nourishment

and homespun belonging

Then she whispered to me the secret

of all she had to offer the earth

with such grace and freedom

from conditions or qualms

To be this profound and lavish

in the autumn of her life

a mother must be broken open

by bereavement

and hollowed out by suffering

then offer her lacerations

softened by time

and seasoned with wisdom

for the healing of the world

by Celeste Boudreaux, April 2024

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Michael Moore
Michael Moore
May 05

What a beautiful offering, Celeste! And congratulations on your retirement 💖

Celeste Boudreaux
Celeste Boudreaux
May 05
Replying to

Thank you, Michael!

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